3D Printed Construction – 4 Innovative Examples


Lee-Bath Nelson  

A top view of Joris Laarman's 3D printed steel brigde.

The recent news of Joris Laarman’s design for 3D printing a bridge (see example #2 below and pic above) has inspired us to collect some 3D printed construction examples. Construction can range from specialty building blocks with amazing properties to entire buildings, all 3D printed. Additional examples can be seen in some of Tessa’s Weekly Picks, and we welcome your favorite examples. Here we go.

1. Cooling Bricks

cooling 3D printed bricks instead of air conditioning


Have you ever hung a wet towel in a window to cool the incoming breeze? These bricks can do that for a house. Their porous material can absorb and hold water and allow it to evaporate, cooling the house and saving on air conditioning. This design was conceived by Emerging Objects.

2. Steel Bridge

3D printed steel bridge by Hejimans & MX3D on canal

Joris Laarman's 3D printed steel bridge to be built by Hejimans & MX3D


As we mentioned in the opening, Joris Laarman designed a 3D printed bridge that can be printed by robot arm 3D printers (courtesy of MX3D) from side to side or from both sides meeting in the middle. Construction company Heijmans is planning to build just such a pedestrian bridge over one of Amsterdam’s canals.

3. Concrete Wall

bloom - powder cement 3D printed wall from Berkeley


Extrusion is a popular technique in 3D printed construction. However, Berkeley made the Bloom, an intricate concrete wall made from tiles. The tiles are 3D printed from powder cement and a binder rather than extrusion. The pattern above is very hard to even approximate with extrusion. Other walls have been 3D printed using extrusion technology, though. Here’s an example of a smaller patterned ABS wall by BotLaboratory.
botlaboratory 3D printed wall

 4. Entire House

China-based WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co. printed a house.


There have been several attempts at building playhouses, or building a house in many pieces, like Amsterdam’s Canal House (detail below). Recently a Chinese company Winsun has built 10 (small) houses on site from large 3D printed walls created by cement extrusion. The same company used 3D printing to build a small apartment building and a villa, see interior view above.


For more 3D printed constructions and architectures, follow our design and material boards on Pinterest. We welcome your favorite 3D printed designs – let us know which designs inspire you.




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