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Tessa Blokland  

Maya Ben David Bypass - 3D Printed Joints - Tessa's Weekly Picks - Make it LEO

3D printing is ideal for producing joints, the small scale, the need for adjustability and the low-cost offer endless solutions. Here are 5 3D printed variations of industrial inspired joints.

ideas2cycles used 3D printed joint tubes as disappearing molds in the lost-wax casting method to create custom lugs for a bicycle frame. ideas2cycles initiative led by Kim-Niklas Antin turned to 3D printing as a way to easily and immediately implement their designs and solutions. More about the possibilities of 3D printed molds in our previous post here.

A team lead by Arup has developed a method of designing and 3D Printing structural steel joints. This method allows to significantly reduce the time and cost needed to manufacture such structures, as well as creating more elegant components which express the forces within each individual joint.

Project Bypass (also up top) is a system of 3D printed water pipe fittings, designed by Maya Ben David. The 3D printed joints allow flexibility and adaptation of the typical water infrastructure.

Rowan Jackman’s Kit Lamp combines 3D printed steel components with traditional woodworking. The joints enable a longer lifespan of the product, allowing re-using and re-assembling without altering or damaging the material itself.

The screen designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec utilizes 3D printed joints in order to connect the wooden elements. The screen was presented as part of their recent exhibition 17 Screens at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.


3D Printed Joints - Tessa's Weekly Picks - Make it LEO

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