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3D printed CubeSat - CRP USA

Hannover Messe one of the biggest industrial events covering all aspects of manufacturing, and AMUG (Additive Manufacturing Users Group) a specialized AM conference bringing industry leaders together, are just around the corner. But why are both these great events happening on the same dates?? Well, while our team figures out how to be at two places at once, here is a taste of what we are looking forward to.

Two Center Stages

Even though the two events are very different – one offers a very wide view and the other a specialized one, both Hannover Messe and AMUG are great stages for launches and announcements. One example is SGL Carbon, a technology-based company which uses specialty graphite and composites in industrial applications for automotive, aerospace, energy etc. Next week at Hannover Messe they will showcase their developments in materials and applications such as the 3D printed static mixer (below photo courtesy of SGL Carbon). On the other side of the pond, at AMUG, EOS North America will debut its new industrial polymer 3D printer, the Integra P 400. While the debut will take place only next week, around 12 organizations have supposedly already ordered the machine.

3D printed static mixer for corrosive media - SGL Carbon

The events are based in Europe and the U.S, and while the world is getting smaller it makes sense that there will be some geographical affiliation. This makes the different venues an opportunity to enter into a new market. For example, this year RPS, UK-based industrial 3D printer OEM and support provider, will be exhibiting for the first time at AMUG (below the NEOS 800 RPS SLA 3D Printer). “We see AMUG as an introduction to grow our business into the North American market,” says RPS Director David Storey.

NEOS 800 RPS SLA 3D Printer

It’s Linked

One of the most exciting things we are expecting to see at Hannover Messe is not a specific booth or presentation, it’s how additive manufacturing (AM) is present and connected to different exhibition themes, the way AM as a technology and a solution is linked to other aspects of manufacturing defines its integration. Beyond its place as a manufacturing technology, AM is part of the Digital Factory theme along with Cloud solutions, Industrial Security, Digital Twin, VR/AR, Big Data, and so on. AM is connected to the Surface Technology Area, as coatings solutions are developed for the post-processing of additively manufactured parts, and to Research & Technology as new methods are constantly developed and improved for industrial use.

At AMUG visitors are participants, part of the AM ecosystem, therefore connectedness between visitors is a core objective, those links have the power to push forward a company as well as the ecosystem. Brian McLean, Director of Rapid Prototype at LAIKA which uses 3D printing for their animation films talked about a conversation that took place at AMUG 4 years ago: “The last time LAIKA attended AMUG was in 2015. One day during the conference Rob Ducey, LAIKA’s RP Technical Supervisor happened to eat lunch with Todd Grimm [AM Industry Advisor, Director and President of T. A. Grimm & Associates] and the two struck up a conversation. During their conversation, Todd mentioned hearing about a new advanced 3D slicing program called Cuttlefish. Immediately after the conference we contacted Cuttlefish and started collaborating. It was that conversation with Todd back in 2015 that set us on a four-year journey.” This year McLean is returning as a keynote speaker.

More than a Show

The same Todd Grimm, emphasizes that AMUG is more than a conference it is, in fact, a users group (as the name AMUG suggests): “We put together activities that run from breakfast to bedtime. You won’t be roaming the halls in your own little bubble; instead, you will be engaging and participating with other AM professionals, so be prepared to connect with others to get and share insights.” AMUG actually cut down this year on presentations and added more panels to facilitate discussions as well as training labs which will provide a hands-on experience on hardware and software solutions. The round table discussions will cover a range of topics such as post-processing (which is sometimes overlooked), discussions on specific materials, for example, Plural Additive Manufacturing and Arkema discussing PEEK-PEKK-Ultem differences (below Arkema Kepstan PEKK Laser Sintered Parts), and CRP USA discussing the use of additive manufacturing in space (up top 3D printed CubeSat by CRP USA), just to name a few.

Arkema Kepstan PEKK Laser Sintered Parts

At Hannover Messe, even though the format is more of a traditional tradeshow, there are a number of summits and events dedicated to sharing knowledge and networking. There is The Future of Work in Industry conference, a relevant topic for AM professionals, as discussed here a couple of weeks ago. The WomenPower congress is another event to look forward to, a worthy topic as 2 out of the 3 LEO Lane founders are women, both of them, Lee-Bath Nelson and Tessa Blokland will be there. While the 5th Additive Manufacturing Symposium will specifically address additive manufacturing, the Lightweigting Summit will for sure include the benefits of additively manufactured light structures.

So much to look forward to, let us know in the comments below what you’re looking forward to, and stay tuned here and on social media for updates from the events. If you want to meet up with Moshe Molcho at AMUG or Lee-Bath Nelson and Tessa Blokland at Hannover Messe, drop us a line.

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