Milan Design Week 2017 – 3D Printed Designs to See This Week


Aya Bentur  

Pyrosome Light for LG Designed by Ross Lovegrove - Flexible OLED panels and 3D Printing - Detail

For most people an indication that spring is here is blossoming trees, for designers – it’s probably Milan Design Week. If you’re in Milan (or following from afar) here are some 3D printed recommendations including events, exhibitions, and products. Our own Tessa Blokland will be in Milan so you might run into her or see her progress on Instagram.

Lexus, Neri Oxman, Mediated Matter and 3D Printed Glass

For the past 10 years, Lexus has been presenting a design event at Milan Design Week. This week they will present a retrospective view of those past 9 exhibitions as well as the annual Lexus Design Awards. To celebrate the 10th edition of Lexus in Milan, the company invited Neri Oxman and the Mediated Matter group at MIT to create an installation showcasing Lexus’s YET philosophy. The Installation debuts Mediated Matter’s Glass 3D Printing in architectural scales.

Lexus Yet and Neri Oxman and Mediated Matter Group MIT

Lexus Yet - Neri Oxman and Mediated Matter Group MIT - 3D Printed Glass

Where: La Triennale di Milano, Viale Alemagna 6, Milan

Invisible Outlines

This year Nendo is presenting an exhibition exploring the defining contour of an object, what is considered the inside and the outside and how they form shape and meaning. The exhibition includes 16 different collections by Nendo including Un-Printed Material, a collection of 3D printed outlines of paper in various states, wrinkled, folded, and flipped.

3D Printing and Preserving - 3D Printed Outlines of Paper Exhibition - Nendo - Make it LEO

Where: Jil Sander Showroom, Via Luca Beltrami 5, Milan


Ross Lovegrove designed Pyrosome Light for LG display using flexible OLED panels and 3D printing to create an illumination effect across a surface rather than a focal point of light. Pyrosome, named after a deep-sea creature, is 3D printed in multiple parts allowing the object to be shaped and transformed easily, creating an organic presence.

Pyrosome Light for LG Designed by Ross Lovegrove - Flexible OLED panels  and 3D Printing

Where: Euroluce, Rho Fiera, Milan

Petit Jane

Alice Azario and Elena Tirinnanzi of BiCA-Good Morning Design combine in their work digital fabrication and traditional techniques. The Petit Jane Lamps showcased this Milan Design Week are 3D printed in PLA, as separate components, enabling the user to compose the lamp in different colors and finishing.

Petit Jane 3D Printed Lamp Designed by BiCA

Where: Bloft, via del Bollo 3, Casa dello Zecchiere, 5VIE District, Milan, and TheFabLab, via Santa Marta 18, 5VIE District, Milan 


Freeze Lamp by Brazilian designer Ricardo Saint Clair of Dialogo Design studio will be presented as part of the RIO + Design exhibition taking place during Milan Design Week. The lamp is 3D Printed in a frozen-like state of an arm lamp, using Selective Laser Sintering and metal coating.

Ricardo Saint Clair - Freeze Lamp 3D Printed in 5 Parts

Where: Via Tortona 31, Milan


IN-Residence is a project run by Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò, consisting of workshops and publications bringing designers together and facilitating debates around design and contemporary issues. This year, during Milan Design Week they will present a group show and auction, Talisman, Contemporary Symbolic Objects, displaying 46 contemporary one-off talismans by designers who have taken part in the IN Residence project. Particle, designed by Minale-Maeda incorporates 3D printed Connectors electroplated in copper, is a new take by the studio of previous works such as the 3D printed Keystone connector.


Minale-Maeda 3D Printed Connectors for Talisman - In Residence

Where: Atelier Clerici, Via Clerici, 5, Milan

To Watch

Holthinrichs Watches is a Dutch watchmaking brand combining traditional watchmaking and additive manufacturing. You can see the watches up close this year at Milan Design Week where Michiel Holthinrichs will be presenting as part of the exhibition Masterly – The Dutch in Milan.


Holthinrichswatches - 3D Printed Watch Case

Where: Palazzo Francesco Turati, Via Meravigli 7, Milan


Trigon and Teepee are 2 of the many constructions possible with Icosa 3D printed connectors designed by Design Libero. The two will be exhibited at Design Nomade, the exhibition by Base Milano and Stefano Mirti shows different design responses to the new needs of contemporary living. Design Libero often use 3D printing in their works, combining them with found objects such as this series of vases.

Design Libero - 3D Printed Connectors - Tepee Design Libero - 3D Printed Connectors - Trigon

Where: Base Milano, Via Bergognone 34 Milan


Next week Tessa Blokland will share her impressions from Milan Design Week until then you can follow her on Instagram. For more inspiration and information follow us on Pinterest or subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates.

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