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Tessa Blokland  

JonctionT by Samuel N. Bernier - 3D Printed Joints for Shelving Systems - Tessa's Weekly Picks - Make it LEO

Last week we featured 3D printed variations of industrial inspired joints, this week – even more joints, this time focusing on joints for shelving systems. If you are lacking storage space, here are 5 3D printed joints to create your own storage system.

3-PRING PRODUCT is a D.I.Y. project aimed at changing the use of the product by adding 3D printed parts to readymade products. Using the 3D printed joints with various materials and components allows for a wider range of possibilities and customization, proposing an intermediate state between consumer and manufacturer.

The + Shelf system from Instructable user Shurly (Vera Shur) is a series of cross-shaped objects, used to create a shelving system out of lightweight plywood boxes. The system allows a variety of possible compositions and interesting visual arrangement for storage solutions.

Jonction-T is a low-cost scenography system using 3D printed joints and standard wood sticks. The modular and stackable system design by Samuel N. Bernier was used as display furniture for leFabShop’s exhibition at le Carreau du Temple (also up top).

Industrial designer Ollé Gellért designed a collection of 3D printed joints called ‘Print to Build’. In order to design and construct large objects, Gellért developed and printed only the small joints, enabling the connection of bigger parts that can be made from different materials. The set of joints eliminates the unnecessary need for screws, glue, Allen keys or special tools. The design draws attention to the importance of changing our thinking as to how we build furniture with the help of 3D printers, and our role in the products creation.

Tobias Lugmeier designed +wood, a shelving system consisting of only two components: wooden panels and joint elements. There is neither a need for tools nor for misleading instructions. For Lugmeier, constructing the shelves is rather a game than a challenge, it is self-explanatory, yet made to measure.


3D Printed Joints for Shelving Systems - Tessa's Weekly Picks - Make it LEO


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