Quality, Quality, Quality


Lee-Bath Nelson  


Your designs are clever, well thought out, useful, and elegant. High quality designs. And yet, they do not come off that way online, they are not getting the following and traction they deserve. Maybe you are having trouble charging the price that the designs are worth, maybe traffic is not there, maybe traffic comes to the website but does not buy.

In this series of blog posts (category Make a Living), we will bring tips that can help designers and design houses with their online business, so they can make a living. We gather these tips from experienced designers and business people and from many other general resources. This post will give an overview of the series, it’s all about quality!

  • Quality of your business model – there isn’t just one model
  • Quality of commercial web pages – entice your audience
  • Quality of content surrounding items – photo, text, specs
  • Quality of the customer experience:
  • Quality pricing – a tricky one
  • Quality online promotion without spamming
  • Quality selling of your designs
  • Quality funding – self funding, crowd funding, fund raising, etc
  • Quality administration and logistics – this is where a lot of online businesses unnecessarily lose money

We will try to start with posts that can be easily and cheaply (sometimes even freely) implemented, not necessarily according to the order above, and over time we will cover all these topics (check back here for new chapters, we will update the links). We would love to hear your top tips and share them. Please let us know.


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