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Tessa Blokland  

Sofa So good, design by Janne Kyttanen (2015)

Janne Kyttanen is one of the first designers who intensely explored, worked and stretched the boundaries of 3D printing in his own projects, but also with other designers, such as Pauline van Dongen, Iris van Herpen, Ted Noten and Alissia Melka-Teichroew. It all started when studying at Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam where he got intrigued by this new technology. At that time 3D printing was still extremely expensive so the objects were small, but as the technology evolved his work got larger and even more experimental in shape, material, and function. With time he began experimenting in commercializing 3D printed objects and creating business models with 3D printing. Kyttanen currently works as a contributing editor for international publications and offers his knowledge to anyone who would like to embrace 3D printing into a solid business. Below is just a very very small selection of his work and collaborations:

The 3D printed metal Sofa So Good from 2015 (also top image).

A plate full of 3D printed cereal, 2013 (photo by 3D Systems).

A 3D printed smartphone case for the iPhone 4 for Freshfiber, 2012 (photo by 3D Systems).

The Macedonia Space Dividers, 2011 (photo by 3D Systems).

Monarch Stool in collaboration with 3D Systems, 2008 (photo by 3D Systems)

The 3D printed polyamide bag, Punchbag from 2005.

The 3D printed nylon lamp Twister.MGX from 2002 in collaboration with Materialise (photo by Materialise)

Janne Kyttanen, sitting on the 3D printed Sofa So Good.

LEO Lane_Designer Pick_3D Guy Janne Kyttanen

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