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Tessa Blokland  

Designer Philippe Starck receives a Frame Award. Photo: Jeannette Huisman

Let’s start September with a design studio that wants to make a change, ‘to create a better future tomorrow.’ This design studio is Better Future Factory, founded by engineers Laura Klaus, Casper van der Meer, and Bart Bleijerveld. This young startup is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in a former swimming pool overlooking the river Oude Maas. I like their motto a lot, and I like their 3D printed trophies, which actually caught my first attention. It was thanks to the Frame Award (see top image) by Frame magazine, I decided to create this Designer Pick on them.

KLM Innovation Award 2015: For Dutch airline company KLM, Better Future Factory designed a trophy entirely made from KLM waste. The 3D printed globe (from PET bottle) is set on a base of remelted and compressed plastic shopping bags, plastic cup, and plastic KLM blanket wrappings.

Global Goal Impact Award 2018: Better Future Factory designed a 3D printed trophy for Project Everyone, a non-profit organization with the goal to ensure that everyone on the planet knows what the Global Sustainable Development Goals are. To make a statement, the award was handed out on the bottom of the ocean.

Plastic Recycling Award Europe 2019: For Plastic Recyclers Show, a trade fair for plastic recycling professionals,  the design studio made – of course – a recycled trophy with a 3D printed base from recycled car dashboards and a compressed marbled surface from old bottle caps.

Frame Award 2020: Together with Danish material designer Marie Bach Holm, Better Future Factory designed and 3D printed for the second year in a row the Frame Award. Taking the Frame logo as a starting point, each trophy is 3D printed with 3D printing filament, made from recycled PET-bottles, developed by Refilament, a sub-company of Better Future Factory. Bach created the gradient coloring of the awards. I love this design!

Spar Award 2019: For the award of the most sustainable supermarket of SPAR in the Netherlands, the startup designed and produced an award with renewable materials! The 3D printed top was made from Better Future Factory’s recycled filament Refil and the base was made from old oak wood.

LEO Lane_Designer Pick_Better Future Factory

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