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This June we start the month with a Designer Pick on American designer Joe Doucet. You might know Doucet as one of the founders of brand OTHR, which we have featured in our Picks many times before, for their 3D printed products. Compared to other design brands, OTHR is unique in its goals. I really like and can very much relate to Doucet’s answer to the question what excites him most about OTHR: “We want to give a voice to great design and do it in a really responsible way. That’s why we use technologies like 3D printing and materials like steel and porcelain, which allow us to bring great products into the world with zero environmental harm. We’re not having to fabricate in China and ship halfway around the world. These things don’t exist until you buy them, so we’re reliant on our designers to create amazing ideas and products that are really worthy of existence. It’s a heavy brief. We’re tasking them with creating the first artifacts of the third industrial revolution.” Beyond giving designers a platform to sell their objects, let’s look at the 3D printed designs made by Doucet himself.

One of Doucet’s latest projects is actually rather big. He designed and created a 3D printed concrete bench which can be used as a traffic barrier to protect pedestrians from traffic accidents and deliberate vehicle attacks. The bench, called Rely, was first shown at Times Square during the NYCxDesign festival 2019.

In 2018, Doucet designed a set of cutlery, cookware, serving and storage capsules (up top) for the exhibition Tablescapes: Designs for Dining, showcasing at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum from October 5, 2018, until April 14, 2019. The entire tabletop set was prototyped with 3D printing. The 3D printed jar has been designed with a knobbly pattern, in order to get the best grip when holding and pouring.

Alongside the 3D printed jar also comes a set of 3D printed cutlery, including chopsticks. Each piece of the cutlery set can be customized in scale and handedness (left or right handed) for additional practicality.

For the brand OTHR, Doucet designed a 3D printed bronze cake spatula and knife set, called Cru. To be honest, cutlery set for cakes is not something you would use on a daily basis. Most people, including me, would use a kitchen knife or a cheese slicer. Doucet created a set that people would actually cherish and use because of its aesthetics. I must say, it really looks good! And it would sure make me make more cakes.

Joe Doucet.

LEO Lane_Designer Pick_Joe Doucet

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