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Sometimes I find myself encountering the same thing in different places in a very short period of time. It started with a visit to the Design Museum in Gent, Belgium, at the beginning of April. I was exploring the exhibition Object Stories when I noticed a 3D printed stool, named One Shot, from 2006. The other design from the same designer, a 3D printed chair, TAMU, was presented during this year’s Salone del Mobile just a week later. Who is this designer with such a good sense of the possibilities within 3D printing?

For the past 15 years, French designer Patrick Jouin has been exploring the possibilities of 3D printing. His latest project is a prototype of a 3D printed foldable chair, TAMU, in collaboration with Dassault Systems, which was presented during the Salone del Mobile. Jouin explains on designboom: ‘Previously designers were inspired by ‘organic’ as a style, but what is completely new is that designers are now inspired by the organic process itself, and how to emulate it. Manufacturing has fallen into the habit of producing more material than necessary, but with the help of innovative digital technologies, we are now able to create with much more efficiency and less waste, even as early as the design process.

In 2017, Jouin designed a 3D printed bench, Voyage exploratoire au cœur de l’objet, for the exhibition “The Dream of Forms” at the Palais de Tokyo. Also in this design, Jouin got his inspiration from nature, mimicking the internal structure of the bench from ribs and bones.

In 2006, Jouin designed a 3D printed stool, One Shot, manufactured by MGX by Materialise.  The stool is foldable and 3D printed in one piece (or one-shot), complete with hinges that are part of the design itself. You can still order the chair for a collector’s price.

The last design is also part of the MGX by Materialise collection. Bloom, a table lamp, features a shade that collapses and expands to release or contain light (see detail up top). Bloom is part of numerous museum collections and won several design awards. Bloom as well, is still for sale on i.Materialise.

Patrick Jouin, photographed by Benoit Linero.

LEO Lane_Designer Pick_Patrick Jouin

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