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Tessa Blokland  


This month – August – I would like to start with an Austrian designer, Philipp Aduatz. Based in Vienna, Aduatz creates only limited edition objects with a sculptural touch in each of them. What I like about his work is how he stresses the boundaries of 3D printing with concrete and uses its properties to create the most stunning furniture with it. Here are a few examples.

In 2020, Aduatz was commissioned by interior designer Kara Mann to create a collection of custom-made 3D printed outdoor furniture for a private client. The collection consisted of two large sofas, two chairs, and a 24-foot-long bench divided into three segments. To make the challenge even more daring, each item had been produced in one piece with a minimum thickness and had to be placed in a permanent outdoor environment. Concrete is a material with very little tensile strength. Therefore, it has to be reinforced. Integrated into the design are glass fiber rods and carbon textile reinforcement to get the required payload. For this project, Aduatz worked with the Austrian start-up Incremental3d, which also produced his Digital Chaiselongue for Milan Design Week in 2018.

In 2018, Aduatz and Incremental3d launched the 3D printed Digital Chaiselongue during Milan Design Week. With this object, the two wanted to show the new possibilities of creating complex shapes in concrete in an application for furniture design. Here you can see how the chaise longue has been made.

Also, the last objects are also created with Incremental3d. In this project, the dyeing of concrete is being explored. By applying dye during the printing process directly into the nozzle, it is possible to add color locally point by point and not in the overall design of the object. The 3D printed concrete objects are all part of the 3D printed gradient furniture collection, consisting out of 3D printed Gradient Fauteuil3D printed Gradient Bench small (here in production) and large, a 3D printed Gradient Vase Large (with designer Philipp Aduatz), and a 3D printed Gradient Stool (top image).

LEO Lane_Designer Pick_Philipp Aduatz and 3D Printing

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