Tessa’s Designer Pick – Yasuhide Yokoi


Tessa Blokland  

Honda Mc-Beta x 3D Print, design by Yasuhide Yokoi with Honda for sweets company Toshimaya.

The first Designer Pick of the year takes us all the way to Asia, where Japanese industrial designer, Yasuhide Yokoi caught my attention. The scale of his projects, as well as his collaborative partners, vary but in all, I can see an in-depth exploration followed by a real-world application of 3D printing. A good reason to start the new year with a Designer Pick of him.

One of the reasons I like his work is that he has managed to collaborate with large enterprises on interesting 3D printing concepts and projects, such as with Honda and Toyota. with both companies, he explored the possibilities of mass customization using 3D printing.

The Ready-Made Hack project, which you can find on Japanese 3D printing service provider Rinkak‘s website, is a 3D printing project I like a lot. Yokoi made a PET bottle cap available on Rinkak so that every designer can download the file and add functionality to the cap of their liking.

My children love LEGO but they also love the more digital version of building, Minecraft. I am pretty sure that they would also love the interaction with Minecraft and 3D printing: creating a house or building in a digital world and 3D printing it to see how it would look like in the physical world. Yokoi developed a course of Digital House Making to encourage six grade students to learn about basic coding, 3D printing, as well as gain problem-solving skills.

I have always admired the high level of craftsmanship in the Japanese culture. In Moment Kumo Yokoi combined traditional Indigo-dyeing with 3D printing, in the Sumisaya project he combined the 3D printing technology with the craft of Katana Sword making, and the Japanese traditional Urushi lacquer technique meets the new technology in his project Urushi. What I appreciate is the interaction between the different methods and how he finds interesting ways to combine the old with the new.


LEO Lane_Designer Pick_Yasuhide Yokoi

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