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Tessa Blokland  

3D Printed Leaf Part of Human Nature Installation by Timothy Hatton Architects

You can wake me any time for a nice walk outside, especially during autumn. I love the changing of seasons, the shifting from green-yellow-red-brown-colors of falling leaves, a not-too-warm sun, and the getting grimmer shadows of an early sunset. I have found some really nice inspirational examples to fit my romantic feelings of autumn…

Back in 2014 Shiro Studio was commissioned by M&C Saatchi and Peroni Nastro Azzurro to design and create an art installation, inspired by the new Peroni Nastro Azzurro “Piccola” 250ml bottle. Each of the 25 3D printed objects captures a specific moment in time or a sentiment relating to a wider heritage. And that is exactly what this 3D printed bottle with twig does for me.

Autumn also reminds me of rain, wind, mud, and piles of leaves. The white 3D printed shoes of Mary Huang, part of the Myth collection, reminds me of the messy side of autumn. However, I like the way the leaves are designed so that when wearing, they hold the shoe to your foot.

Autumn is also the time of spiders, cobwebs and leaves skeleton structures. The inspiration for the 3D printed Vulcan Pavilion came from silkworms. It shows that with 3D printing you can make a structure that can be delicate and flexible but also remarkably strong, just like cobwebs. Vulcan was presented in 2015 during Beijing Design Week and was built with 1,086 3D printed constructive units, each of which took thirty days and twenty large-scale 3D printers to create.

Forms in Nature is a project of artists Hilden & Diaz. What I like about this 3D printed lamp, is that the object itself appears to have a random shape, but when the light is turned on, you suddenly have the feeling that you are standing in a magnificent forest surrounded by nature.

Although the last installation originally was created for Christmas, it reminds me of endless fallen leaves during a good and steady breeze. Timothy Hatton Architects created the installation with Aqua Shard restaurant marking Sir David Attenborough’s 90th birthday year in 2016. The installation consisted out of thousands of 3D-printed individual leaves (see top image for one 3D printed leave) made from 100% recycled waste plastic. These became a 9-meter structure flowing down three stories from the atrium ceiling. This must have been an absolute fantastic installation.

LEO Lane Weekly Pick 3D Printed Autumn

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