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Carbon 3D Print Helmet Liner

I try to go as much as possible by bike: when buying groceries, when going to the city for shopping, visiting family and friends (within a 10-kilometer radius, though). Even my boys go to school by bike, every day, regardless of the weather. In the Netherlands, there are special bicycle lanes, and drivers pay attention to cyclists more than in other countries. Nevertheless wearing a helmet would be the best protection for them and me when taking part in traffic. So, what are the 3D printed helmets out there?

The 3D printed bike helmet from Kupol is not only a nicely designed helmet but according to the website offers the wearer a safer, lightweight and therefore a more comfortable product. Thanks to 3D printing it is possible to create a lattice structure under the skin of the helmet that serves as a kind of bumper and at the same time decreases the weight of the product compared to traditional stiff and unflexible polystyrene foam.

Not a bicycle helmet but still a more comfortable working experience – is the 3D printed helmet of the Swiss Guards. After 513 years it was time to replace the four-pound, hand-forged metal helmets with a new lightweight 3D printed version (570 grams). The new helmet is a 3D scan of the 16th-century original, adjusted for 3D printing.

Hexo is another foamless 3D printed bike helmet which is customized to the measurements of your head. From the scanned data of your head, the Hexo algorithms generate a completely bespoke inner structure in real time. Thanks to 3D printing they can create a tailored bike helmet for every biker.

In American football, the safety and comfort of the protection gear are important requirements for the athlete. Football equipment retailer Riddell and 3D printer manufacturer Carbon (known from their collaboration with Adidas) collaborated on a next-generation 3D printed head protection for the NFL athletes. According to the press release, “the collaboration results in a customized, 3D printed helmet liner precisely contoured to the athlete’s head… Each helmet is made up of more than 140,000 individual struts, carefully orchestrated into patterns for attenuating impact forces while providing excellent comfort and fit”.

The last example is a project, called HelmetHair, from Simon Higby and Clara Prior-Knock. Using Playmobil as the inspiration, they created a 3D printed children’s helmet by enlarging a Playmobil figure’s hairpiece, hoping that the shape will encourage children to wear a bike helmet for better protection.

LEO Lane_Weekly Pick_3D Printed Helmets

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