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Tessa Blokland  

3D Printed Hacksaw - Markforged

My father who used to be a carpenter told me that making things always starts with good and quality equipment and tools. He used his worn out hammer because it ‘just felt right in his hand’. Nowadays, tools are made on demand, customized to the user or to a specific function or 3D printed because of the temporary use of the tool. Here are some 3D printed examples used in machines or by hand.

Before releasing the new Ultimaker 3 3D printer the company wanted to improve the design of the reel holder, adding a customized ant-entanglement clip, yet in order to do so, they would have to postpone the scheduled release date. Instead, they decided to put their own 3D printers to test, using a farm of 28 Ultimaker 3 machines to 3D printed the newly developed part, which enabled them to provide the 3D printers on time.

SpineVision produces instruments and implants. The company worked with Sculpteo on 3D printed surgical tools, allowing them to quickly produce customized parts. More on 3D printed surgical tools in this previous picks.

NRG3 is “New Ratchet 3rd Generation” – a gearless ratchet using rollers rather than gears. Additive manufacturing with direct laser sintering, allowed Roller Clutch Tools to rethink and adjust the existing tool.

At Markforged, once a week, the workers take a break from their daily jobs and 3D print a part just for fun, then vote on the best one. This 3D printed hacksaw, a result of one of these competitions, is 3D printed in carbon fiber in a zebra pattern in order to provide optimal rigidity (also up top).

Duit is a tool attempting to bridge the gap between professional and amateur use. Western Forge, an American manufacturer of hand tools, collaborated with Auburn University’s Industrial Design department on a conduit bender that is effective and precise without the years of experience usually needed for this tool yet still feels familiar and trustworthy in the hands of an expert.

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