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Tessa Blokland  


One of the great things of 3D printing is the possibility of customizing products to your needs, or to your body. This need can be big and visible, but it can also be very small and invisible for others, like for example hearing aids. By the end of 2017, Sonova, a world-leading manufacturer in hearing aids already 3D printed over 1 million unique custom ‘in the ear’ hearing aids, I imagine these numbers only went up in 2018. And indeed, why would you need to adjust to a product while there are existing technologies which can adjust the product to you? Like for example insoles. A 3D printed made-to-your-body/weight/movements/need can improve your daily life and make sure your shoes fit you specifically, all thanks to 3D printing.

Belgium company Phits specializes in 3D printed insoles in collaboration with Materialise. After a foot scanning and analysis of a person’s gait, the data is used to generate a design which results in a 3D printed insole.

Insole specialist Superfeet collaborated with Jabil to manufacture custom made insoles for their customers, resulting in shorter time to market, more precise products for its customers, and cost reductions in production.

You can make your own Wiivv insoles with your smartphone, as the website states. With specialized software, they create a 3D printed not-to-rigid and not-to-flexible insole fitting your foot (also up top).

The last example of 3D printed insoles is by Ecco, a Danish shoe manufacturer. I saw them during the Milan Design Week, presenting a new method of creating comfortable shoes with 3D printed insoles. In a measuring station, your feet are scanned and the data is used to create a 3D printed structure with different areas of flexibility according to need. In a conversation with the people from Ecco they claimed that the insole would also last longer than the actual shoe and that using the insole standing is a lot less painful and tiring.

LEO Lane_Weekly Pick_3D Printed Insoles

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