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With the help of a carpenter, I have just finished building a wooden deck with a roof in the garden. Ever since I have been sitting outside enjoying the summer night, even when it is raining. I love the smell of wet earth and listening to the rain on the roof. In the winter a campfire will keep me warm and give me some light. However, in the summer a nice light should do the trick. In my search for lamps and lighting, I came across some nice 3D printed designs which I would like to share with you.

Did you know you can configure your own lampshade at Signify (formerly known as Philips Lighting)? This white 3D printed design and the green 3D printed lampshades in the top image are two examples from customers which you can see on the website. In steps the company takes you by the hand towards your own design: first the model, then the texture, color, cable color and mounting, and finally the lamp. Try it yourself!

Lighting manufacturer Gantri also offers some very nice 3D printed lamps, all created from plant-based PLA. The Gio Task light (in white) and the 3D printed Signal Table light (in black) are both designed by Ammunition. According to the website, the company ‘can produce products in a much more environmentally friendly way, because there is less waste.’ On top of that, you can 3D print the products when ordered online.

In the last two examples, both designers used 3D printing in the development of the lamp. Cyprus-based Stelios Mousarris designed Saita, a desktop light, inspired by the childhood crafting of paper planes. I think  Mousarris used the 3D printing technology to find the right proportions and geometries of the design since the final design is made of plastic and steel.

Studio VOUW, based in the Netherlands, also used 3D printing technology among others to prototype their Bloomlight. The nice feature of Bloomlight is that when the light identifies moving objects in its surrounding it will bend. ‘With Bloomlight, studio VOUW hopes to turn public spaces into a subtle interactive experience while at the same time reimagining what street lighting could be: curious, calming, and awe-inspiring,’ as the website mentions. Oh my, this could be a very nice lamp in my garden!

LEO Lane_Weekly Pick_3D Printed Lighting

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