Tessa’s Weekly Picks – 3D Printed Table Lamps


Tessa Blokland  


Finding a table lamp for my office turned out to be not so easy, as I discovered lately. I am not that picky, but there are some requirements that I would prefer to meet: nice looking, smart designed, not too big for my work table, fitting with the color of the rest of the office furniture, and preferably 3D printed. What do you think about the following?

I really like the Plant Lamps of Dutch designer Kiki van Eijk. The foxgloves-inspired lampshades are 3D printed and attached to hand-bent metal tubes. I like the contrast between the low-resolution 3D printed shades and the smooth material and finishes of the other materials. A very nice colorful design and a nice reminder of warmer weather!

Or maybe I would choose the 3D printed Suyo Table Light? What I like about this entirely 3D printed table lamp is the modesty of the gesture of the lamp: the lampshade has a bowed head as if the lamp thanks you (perhaps for giving it an object, placing it in the opening in the base of the lamp). McKay Nilson designed the 3D printed lamp for the lighting company Gantri.

The 3D printed CMYK up of Dutch light designer Dennis Parren is also one of my favorites. The frame of the table lamp is 3D printed and merely a structure of lines, but when turned on, the object becomes a mystery of shadow play. Just amazing!

Or maybe I should pick a lamp which helps me focus instead of wandering off to distractions such as my smartphone?! Austrian Klemens Schillinger designed the Offline Lamp, which only works when you place your smartphone in the little drawer at the base of the lamp (see top image). The shade is 3D printed in white polyamide, which allows light to shine through while keeping the glow gentle and soft.

The last table lamp that caught my attention is a design from German industrial designer Leon Laskowski. The intro sentence of the Designboom article actually summarizes perfectly my fascination for this 3D printed foldable lamp, called All-in: “Leon Laskowski illustrates how existing systems of mass production can be rethought and the complex logistic chains of global commodity flows can be radically shortened with the help of the innovation potential of additive manufacturing.” This is exactly why I am such an ambassador for 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing. A super smart design!


LEO Lane_Weekly Picks_3D Printed Table Lamps

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