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This year’s Halloween will surely be different than in the past years. With social distancing, face masks, and stay-at-home-as-much-as-possible in the back of our mind, it really ruins the fun of Halloween. Or not? I have found some really nice examples of how Halloween can be fun in the current Covid-19 situation.

I really love this one concept (also top image)! Three Mechanical Engineering students from Okanagan College have made a 3D-printed hands-free trick-or-treating bowl. The bowls were 3D printed with an add-on that can attach to any standard broom handle. The idea is that candy can be placed in the bowl and extended to the trick-or-treater providing a physically-distanced experience while maintaining the fun of the spookiest holiday.

If you are more of a maker and you are in need of a home project during your quarantine, this 3D printed Daft Punk-like helmet is super funky and fits within the regulations of wearing a face mask. Noé and Pedro Ruiz are the creative Ruiz Brothers behind this design and run their design studio, Pixil 3D in the US.

A more simple design is this 3D Printed light switch cover with a flip handle by Jeff Kerr aka LoboCNC, turning your house into a spooky Frankenstein setting.

Or you can make this 3D printed face mask, a design from Augustin Flowalistik, and inspired by 3D Hub’s mascot Marvin.

The last Halloween example is this small 3D printed pumpkin, designed by Kacey Ortiz, that can be closed with little magnets. So, if you do not want children to ring your doorbell, they can always grab some candies from one of the 3D printed pumpkins standing outside.

Happy Halloween to all of you! Do not forget to share your brilliant 3D printed ideas for Halloween…

LEO Lane_Weekly Pick_3D Printing Halloween

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