Tessa’s Weekly Picks – 3D Printing at Hannover Messe 2019


Tessa Blokland  

From conventional manufactured (far left) to geometrical optimized 3D printed part (far right). However the engineers at HP preferred and trusted more the middle 3D printed part.

Intuitively I know why big brands should use additive manufacturing (AM) and LEO Lane, but to see it in real life, made me realize the actual urgent need and the global scale of our solution. Although for the majority of the manufacturers additive manufacturing is still new, it became very clear to me that the security of plants, machines, and parts will become even more important. The visit to Hannover Messe was not only inspirational to me, but it also gave me a chance to spend some quality time with my co-founder Lee-Bath Nelson. Since I am living in the Netherlands and Lee-Bath in Israel the visit was a rare occasion to talk in person, share insights, thoughts, and views on (additive) manufacturing. Lee-Bath wrote last Wednesday about her point of view of Hannover Messe; below you can see what I have seen.

A detail of FormLabs‘ 3D printed customized automotive part with a support structure. The part was made of clear resin.

HP showed an example of cosmetic products packaging. Thanks to 3D printing, designers are able to speed up the design process by for example shortening the prototyping time. The lipstick and mascara bottles are 3D printing in HP 3D High Reusability CB PA12.

Detail of a 3D printed metal hinge with support structure seen at EDAGs’ stand.

Detail of a 3D printed metal part for the aerospace industry. This part was 3D printed on a DMP Factory 500 in LaserForm Ni718(A).

Another example that was shown at the HP booth: a built plate stacked with 122 3D printed midsoles.

The last example is from Raise3D. This exhaust manifold took 60 hours to be 3D printed in ABS.

LEO Lane_Weekly Pick_3D Printing at Hannover Messe 2019

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