Tessa’s Weekly Picks – 3D Printing in Bulk


Tessa Blokland  


With 3D printing, whether it’s various parts or one part in bulk, there is no need to set-up a production line, no need to spend time or money on tooling. It’s ideal for small parts (that can be printed together on the same printer bed) and complex geometries, for example. Now, when more and more 3D printers are designed for industry, it makes sense to additively manufacture in bulk (up top Concept Laser 3D printed metal parts). Here are a few examples:

A platform of titanium parts using metal Additive Manufacturing (DMLS) at 3T RPD arranged like little shoulder to shoulder soldiers.

BEGO USA is producing patient specific dental restorations made of a high-performance alloy. The traditional casting process can produce about 20 dental frames per day while DMLS manufacturing produces up to 450 units of crowns and bridges in the same time period.

Mapel is using Additive Manufacturing to produce QTD drills allowing for the inclusion of a spiral cooling channel, which improves the performance of the drill.

Also at 3T RPD, 3D printed Stainless Steel aerospace parts.

Additively manufactured earphones by Japan-based S-Next, a boutique premium audio gear manufacturer. The exterior case is 3D printed in titanium, designed to emulate the gap between the ear canal and the sound source.

Make it LEO_Weekly Pick_3D Printing in Bulk

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