Tessa’s Weekly Picks – Additive Manufacturing Produces… Cars


Tessa Blokland  


A lot of people have a weak spot for cars, especially fast cars and now we can add one more, 3D printed fast cars! Since 2014 there have been a lot of first 3D printed cars, varying from the very first 3D printed car to the first 3D printed super fast car. It is fascinating to read and see what parts are 3D printed of, in and at the car and – what I find most interesting – how the shape and the use of the car has changed with the addition of new technologies, as you can see above in the BMW Vision Next 100 concept car. Here are this week’s picks with more examples of cars using 3D printing technology:

Rolls-Royce’s Vision next 100 concept car, codenamed 103EX (first presented in June 2016 at the Roundhouse London);

Divergent Microfactories‘ supercar, called Blade (first presented in June 2015 at the O’Reilly Solid Conference in San Francisco);

EDAG’s Light Cocoon car whose frame is 3D printed and a special all weather fabric is stretched over it – in this picture a red light was put in the car highlighting the frame (first presented in Stachus Passage, Munich, in April 2016)

Urbee 2, designed by Jim Kor (the Urbee 1 made its first big public appearance at the SEMA Show, in Las Vegas, in November 2010);

Local Motors’ 3D printed highway-ready consumer vehicle, the LM3D Swim (presented at the SEMA auto show, in Las Vegas, in November 2015);

The all-in electric mini van, co-developed by Kabuku and car manufacturer Honda (presented at CEATEC 2016, a Japanese consumer electronics show, in Chiba, in October 2016).

Make it LEO_Weekly Pick_3D Printed Cars

Each of Tessa’s weekly picks is a curated group of 3D printed designs, based on the week’s chosen theme. If you would like to offer a theme for Tessa, or if you have your own 3D printed weekly picks you would like to see featured, please let us know by commenting below. Subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest weekly picks every week in your mailbox.

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