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Tessa Blokland  

Topological Optimization and 3D Printing - Sculpteo - Tessa's Weekly Picks - LEO Lane

In conversations with designers, I often hear that they do not see the added value of 3D printing in product design for consumers. This might be true: the quality of the surface finishing of 3D printed end products in some technologies does not have the same level as conventional manufacturing processes. However, when it comes to industrial parts produced on bigger machines, 3D printed products proved their innovation and advantages. Heavy objects from metal or composed industrial parts are replaced by cleverly designed 3D printed objects which are lighter, better engineered and more sustainable in the use of raw material. Here 3D printing also offers added value in specialized designed industrial parts for business, as you can see in 7 examples of optimized 3D printed industrial parts.

Metal Technology (MTI) worked with Extreme Turbo Systems, on turbo application for high-performance vehicles. Using AM allowed them to accelerate the process from CAD to product.

A  pillow block design optimized and 3D printed by RMIT students.

KMWE 3DP re-engineered this jet engine bracket, optimizing it by employing additive manufacturing.

The Airbus hinge bracket is a result of Topology Optimization and AM, providing design solutions for reducing product weight and minimizing environmental impact.

Arup engineers conducted a research on tensegrity structures, comparing production methods of the nodes. The study shows that metal AM can optimize building structures, nodes that are additively manufactured are not only smaller but perform better.

The Airbus topology optimized A380 bracket is additively manufactured from stainless steel powder enabling weight and cost savings, in the back of the image is the conventional bracket.

Up top is a before and after example of an optimization process from Sculpteo, achieving a balance between strength, weight and production costs.


LEO Lane_Weekly Pick_Optimized 3D Printed Parts

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