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Tessa Blokland  

Sandcastle Mold 3D printed Matthijs Kok

My feet are still recovering from the long walk to the headquarters of Ultimaker in one of the nicest areas in the Netherlands, especially this time of year. The sun is shining, insects are buzzing (fortunately!), wildflowers everywhere and a nice breeze though my hair. I love this pre-summer time! While walking my mind wondered to what I need to prepare for this summer with the boys …

A good summer holiday starts with water and sand and no socks until it is so cold you have to search for socks that fell behind the drawer! Inspired by the indigenous Amazonian peoples, who used to dip their naked feet into liquid rubber from trees to protect them in the jungle, Olivier Taco designed these two-part Iguaneye slippers in 2017, using 3D printing extensively in the prototyping phase. Perfect for water, rocks and running.

Another fantastic design for water is the 3D printed underwater jetpack, designed by British product designer Archie O’Brien. Hopefully, O’Brien will manage to get this product to market, it is a great design for both young and old playing in the water.

Or what about this 3D printed kayak? It will take a while to make one ourselves, but it will guarantee weeks of fun. I am not sure if I am that patient to actually make one, but wow, what an impressive piece of work by engineer Jim Smith, which he already made in 2014 with his modified home 3D printer.

This seems too childish for my boys, but with the 3D printed customizable sandcastle molds, designed by Dutch designer Matthijs Kok, I’m pretty sure they can make great sand castles (also up top).

Never leave the house without sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses, right? According to the website, these sunglasses, KiteONE, are personally tailored, offering both a high degree of comfort and aesthetic options. After taking all the measurements online and the eyewear has been created digitally, the file is sent to be 3D printed, finished and dyed. Let’s find a pair matching the Iguaneye slippers and I am off to enjoy the summer…

LEO Lane_Weekly Pick_PreparedForA3DPrintedSummer

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