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Tessa Blokland  


Today it is time for materials with a glossy, shining appearance. Here are just 4 examples with first of all surprised me in color. However, each material is about more than just looking nice.

On a spool, this 3D printing filament does not look that impressive but take a look at the website of the Dutch manufacturer HALO 3D Filament, and you will get blinded by the bright high gloss shine. The Royal Blood Red high gloss filament on the picture is just one example of a range of high gloss materials.

From Chinese company eSun comes eSilk-pla. This filament is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic material with good mechanical properties and good toughness, but with a bright, silky luster. Applications are furniture accessories, decoration, and outdoor decoration.

Polish filament manufacturer Fiberlogy has created FiberSilk Metallic, a filament that gives 3D printed object a pristine metallic shine, enhancing every smallest detail of the model and creating an eye-catching play of light and shadow on its surface. The material can be used for decorative objects (the vase in the picture was designed by Martin John Hawkes), utilities (such as toys, packaging, and boxes) or accessories and costumes. To Achieve the best results, it is best to reduce the print speed and use a strong airflow during the printing process. Such conditions will ensure a shiny and silky smooth surface.

I love this 3D printing filament from Czech manufacturer Fillamentum! The name says it all, (to pronounce in a low dark voice, pleaseWizard’s Voodoo: dark and mysterious (also top image). Next to the absolutely amazing dark color the filament is made of natural ingredients and can be biodegraded by industrial composting. It has good surface quality, is safe to use in electronic equipment, and has a high surface hardness, making the material ideal for objects that require aesthetic detail.

LEO Lane_Weekly Pick_Shining 3D Printing

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