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Mid-August, and this has been the wettest summer as far as I can remember. Not that it is raining all the time, but when it rains it falls down in thick drops, rather unexpectedly. I really makes me longing to these good old fashioned sunny summers, with sun, sea and sand. From previous summerly blog posts I have collected objects that remind me of hot – and rainless – summers. Here they are with a link to the original blog post. 

This 3D printed bowl made of sand and 3D printed by the sun (see top image), by German artist Markus Kayser, exploring the potential of desert manufacturing, where energy and material occur in abundance.

It remains a favorite of me, the 3D printed molds to make sand castles by Matthijs Kok.

The 3D printed Hexa Surfboard, by Sylvain Fleury, Mylene Wang, and Léo Bouffier, is also a favorite 3D printed object of me. Instead of going to the French coast, I spent my holidays in the Netherlands, where I find it too cold to surf. But next year, when I will go to France (fingers crossed) I might find this board and give it a try!

My boys did go on a boat trip this summer, not with this 3D printed kayak, by Jim Smith, but in a canoe. With equal fun of course!

The last 3D printed object that remains me of good old fashioned sunny summers is from Kiriakos Christodoulou, who designed this 3D printed credit card-sizes chessboard. Although the time spent in the car is less than when driving to France, Italy or Spain, thanks to the size, it will always fit somewhere in my luggage, and it give my boys to plays in the car or on the campsite while enjoying the sun.

LEO Lane_Weekly Pick_Sun, Sea, Sand and 3D Printing

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