X Marks the Spotlight – 6 Women Designing 3D Printed Products


Lee-Bath Nelson  

3D printed Petals Dress designed by Nervous System

Years ago, when I was an investor (VC) in high tech start ups, on International Women’s Day (March 8th) I challenged myself to go through my contacts and check if at least 5% of the founders in them were female. I couldn’t meet the challenge – it wasn’t even close. As a proud woman and mother of 2 bright girls I was truly appalled and promised myself to actively seek out female founders. My contacts are much better now and I realized it’s important to shine a light on women achievers. In this blog post I want to highlight 6 designers – not the ones that usually get top billing like Iris van Herpen or the amazing Neri Oxman. Some of these ladies have recently graduated and some are veteran designers that have received quite a bit of attention – all use 3D printing in their designs. International Women’s Day is over, but for me every day can be a Women’s (or Men’s) day. I hope you enjoy.

Jessica Rosenkranz

3D printed flora jewelry designed by Nervous System

Nervous System was founded by Jessica Rosenkranz and her partner Jesse Louis-Rosenberg. Nervous System’s premise for 3D printed designs is based on computational algorithms that create unique pieces that are based on natural processes (example of flora inspired jewelry above). Nervous System also designed the Kinematics Dress and more recently the Kinematics Petal Dress up top – both are a feat of design and engineering!

Alissia Melka-Teichroew

BYAMT 3D printed QUILT collection - various designs

Alissia Melka-Teichroew’s byAMT brand includes 3D printed (and non 3D printed) jewelry and accessories. Alissia’s Jointed Jewels series has been featured on this blog before and select pieces are available on Tessa’s Curated Boutique. Above is a piece from byAMT’s quilted series.

Kegan Schouwenburg

sols 3d printed orthodics

Kegan Schouwenburg founded Sols, the 3D printed Orthotics (insole) company. Most people would benefit from a custom insole that would pamper each foot based on its particular shape. That’s exactly what Sols provides through 3D printing. Ms Schouwenburg championed the foot pain of the masses and designed a solution. Sols should start shipping at the end of the month and I, for one, look forward to ordering  my own.

Maria Cichy

Maria Cichy 3D printed scribble watch strap

Maria Cichy specializes in designing 3D printed products. She designed a collection of watch straps (for Nooka and for the Apple Watch) as well as smartphone cases, bags, and other accessories. She had collaborated with Freedom of Creation, Ted Noten, and most recently FreshFiber and Cubify. The Nooka strap above is one example.

Recent Graduates – Nitzan Kish and Neta Soreq

nitzan kish bezalel 3d printed bracelet

Fellow Bezalel 2015 graduates,  Neta Soreq and Nitzan Kish, apply their female point of view in different ways. Neta Soreq designed shock absorbing shoes we wrote about before. Nitzan Kish, on the other hand, designs accessories for women that have a self defense element to them. It can be a full armor or just an empowering bracelet (as above) that reminds women to speak up and defend themselves if they are threatened. Kish’s designs stem from her personal experience and are more empowering than menacing. For more designs by recent graduates check out our graduates post.

Personally, I look forward to owning something from each one of these talented designers. I already own jewelry from 2 of them – 4 more to go! For more 3D printed designs and inspirations, check out our social media.

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