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LEO Lane gives me the peace of mind to have 3D printed parts produced anywhere and know that the quality, quantity and timeline is controlled by us without compromising confidentiality.

Shimrit Ben-Chaim

Senior T&SA Manager, Teva Medical Devices


The designer determines, through LEO Lane, what can happen with the data; how many times he allows you to print from one file, how large an edition is, if you are allowed to scale the object or not and this brings us back to what is important to chp...? Designers.

Gijs Bakker

creative director chp...? jewelry


LEO Lane's smart protection and control is a natural extension of SAP Distributed Manufacturing, together delivering an end to end solution.

Gil Perez

SVP Digital Assets & IoT, SAP

The ecosystem

Become LEO compatible and offer your customers the peace of mind of benefiting from the additive manufacturing ecosystem without any fear of losing control of their products, IP, and know how.

Integrating with LEO Lane is the easiest integration you have experienced - the LEO Lane architecture was conceived to integrate with ease.




Control settings and quality wherever your products are produced.



Control how many items are produced.



Get valuable insights and see when, where, and how each item is produced.

fast integration


Secure recipes used in production (e.g., specialty materials).

easy to use


Easily and quickly get to an end-to-end solution.

Distributed AM with LEO Lane

how it works

How Does It work?

Turn your product/part files into LEO files, keep them anywhere, move them any way you like. LEO Lane's cloud will enforce your controls when the files are produced using Additive Manufacturing. With LEO Lane's encapsulation, experts can securely share their know how — to be included in customers' LEOs.

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