Virtual Inventory — DAM Smart

Eliminate inventory and logistics while staying in control! Moving to Distributed Additive Manufacturing (DAM) allows you to move to on-demand manufacturing near the demand and virtual inventory instead of costly storage and handling. The trick is to be smart about it and not lose control while you're saving money and increasing opportunities. LEO Lane is integrated with your existing order mechanisms (ERP, Spare Parts portal, etc) — DAM Smart!

Securely Share IP and Know How

Whatever your expertise, you can encapsulate your specific know how and allow others to use (license) it. You and they will benefit from your expertise without you losing control of it or exposing it to the world. Specialty materials, advanced printer settings, or any other recipe can be encapsulted and used in LEOs. This enables best of breed production through secure sharing and innovative business models. The best of all worlds!

Control Product Quality — Even Remotely

Additive Manufacturing (AM) can be done in-house, outsourced, or both (depending on location). No matter where or how your product is produced, you want to make sure it is produced correctly so the product looks and functions as it should and the part fits and performs. LEO Lane's SaaS solution controls, protects and tracks the quality and quantity of your Additively Manufactured parts, all in one place regardless of where they are produced, while preventing potentially inferior production from happening.

More Products, Less Overhead

With LEO Lane you get real time insights for all your parts and products that are Additively Manufactured and tracked by LEO Lane. This allows you to recognize product demand trends per geography or other characteristics and react with additional (or replacement) products. The fast lane to meeting your customers' demands without sinking precious capital into inventory building or superfluous production costs.

LEO Lane controls, protects, and tracks Additively Manufactured products' files and still:

  • LEO Lane keeps no files — all files remain in the Brand under the brand's current IT policy
  • The Brand gets real time data on production of products/parts
  • The Brand can safely move to virtual inventory and be DAM Smart

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LEO Lane controls the quality of your products/parts by making sure they are only produced in accordance with your instructions. Incompatible production machines/sites will not be able to produce them.


LEO Lane protects your IP from leakage and unwanted changes as well as from production in unauthorized quantities. Products and parts are only produced in the amount you choose by the entity you choose and not beyond. Unauthorized use is blocked.


LEO Lane provides a dashboard of real time information on when, where, and how each item was produced. This gives always-up-to-date insight into how a product or part is doing in each geography and variation. Corporate dashboards can be customized to specific needs.


LEO Lane enables the use of secure know how, without exposing it, through encapsulation. Experts, such as material experts, can enable customers to use encapsulated IP or license it for best AM results on their LEOs — state of the art without losing control of your assets!


Integrating your existing systems with LEO Lane is a snap – a matter of days not months. Some standard platforms are already integrated with Corporate accounts – ask us which ones. If you have a custom parts portal, for example, integrating it with LEO Lane Corporate is a matter of a few days.

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