Super Colliding 3D printed haute couture designs by Iris van Herpen


Lee-Bath Nelson  

Iris van Harpen 3D printed dress design, SS15.

For several years now, fashion designer Iris van Herpen has used advanced techniques, including 3D printing, in her fantastical haute couture creations. Her latest collection, unveiled in September, was inspired by the CERN Large Hadron Collider and magnetism, as you can see above and below. Magnets can attract or create distance but can also create patterns through induction.

Black and white dress by Iris van Herpen, inspired by magnetism.

Even before this collection van Herpen was honored with the ANDAM prize this summer. The ANDAM award helps exciting designers in commercializing their designs and bringing them to the high end consumer market. The prize package includes €250,0000 and the opportunity to present two collections at Galleries Lafayette in Paris.

Iris van Herpen has been active in other commercial endeavors already. Dom Perignon just unveiled a box and label design inspired by a 3D printed piece van Herpen designed for them.

3D printed design by Iris van Herpen for Dom Perignon

Van Herpen’s work has been exhibited in many museums in the past. An exhibition of van Herpen’s designs, from the collection if the Groninger museum is at the Holon Design Museum now (until March). This exhibition includes pieces from 3 previous collections.

What is your favorite van Herpen design? Are there other fashion designers using 3D printing that you like?

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  1. Oh yeah and you study journalism right? I just want to say I’m so ineisrpd by you & your blog; your clearly own style, opinion and sharp tongue (does that term exist in English? Anyway…you’re Dutch, so you know what I mean). There are a lot of things you have I wish I had – in a not materialistic way. I’m curious how a young girl in Holland can be so sophisticated yet stylish like you..

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