Milan Design Week – 5 3D Printed Designs to See This Week


Lee-Bath Nelson  

Danit Peleg - 3D Printed Lacemat MƎTHESIS Milan Design Week 2016 Make it LEO

The exciting Milan Design Week is underway and we have 3 scouts touring the exhibitions. Below are 5 recommendations they sent for 3D printed designs worth a special look. Before diving in: Tessa Blokland’s fascinating talk “from infinitely reproducible to limited editions” is this Thursday at 3pm at via Tortona 20, part of the Methesis exhibition (see last week’s post). If you are in Milan, be sure to check it out.


NVDRS invited designers, illustrators, and graphic designers to customize #Zero, their designer toy. It consists of 3 separable parts: face, body, and base. NVDRS believe the simple shape of #Zero invites customization either with the help of alternatives from NVDRS themselves or updating the CAD files they provide to create your own version. The results are displayed as part of Milan Design Week.

150UP, via Medardo Rosso 16 Milan

NVDRS Project Zero 3D Printed Milan Design Week 2016 Make it LEO

Ilkka Suppanen

Finish designer Ilkka Suppanen is a fan of technology, in general, and 3D printing in particular. He often applies craftsmanship to finish products that are produced by this technology. 3 of his 3D printed, and laser cut designs, including the Porcupine Light fixture below, are part of “A Matter of Perception: Tradition and Technology” which is curated by DAMN° (who also curated the Design in Belgium exhibition that Unfold is participating in). Suppanen’s designs fit neatly in this topic thanks to his emphasis on handcrafted finishes.

Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24, Milan.

3D printed Porcupine Cuivre by Ilkka Suppanen Digital Meets Handcrafted Milan Design Week 2016 Make it LEO

Odo Fioravanti

Odo Fioravanti has designed clutches for Maison 203 before. In the previous series he drew his inspiration from nature. In this series he again turns to nature and designed clutches inspired by Ivy. Fioravanti’s designs are on display at the Design Supermarket at la Rinescente as part of a fashion exhibition.

Le Rinascente in Piazzo Duomo, Milan

Ivy 3D printed clutch by Odo Fioravanti Milan Design Week 2016 Make it LEO

Danit Peleg

Israeli designer, Danit Peleg, graduated from Shenkar in 2015 with a 3D printed fashion collection. She has been invited to the Triennale to show her collection as part of the New Craft exhibition, which will also feature live 3D printing of a car. The Triennale is showing during Milan Design Week but also continues until September. In addition, Peleg designed a metal 3D printed Lacemat (pictured up top) for the Methesis exhibition (where Tessa Blokland will be speaking Thursday at 3pm). This metal placemat retains its flexibility thanks to its clever lacy design.

Methesis, via Tortona 20, Milan

New Crafts, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan

Designer Danit Peleg - 3D printed dress and shoes


Studio Ilio

Another pair of recent Royal College of Art graduates we mentioned in our graduates post are Seongil Choi and Fabio Hendry from Studio Ilio. They bring their “Hot Wire Extensions” graduation project to Milan. The project uses nylon powder waste and conductive metal wires the when heated melt the nylon that adhers to them – their own interpretation of 3D printing but with a free form element that comes from their sculpting of the metal wire. The whole process can be seen in the video below and some resulting pieces are on the bottom.

Via Ventura 5, Ventura Lambrate, Milan

Hot Wire Extensions - Studio Ilio uses SLS 3D printing waste to create Osso Light Milan Design Week 2016 Make it LEO

Hot Wire Extensions Studio Ilio Stools using 3D printing waste Milan Design Week 2016 Make it LEO

If you know of another 3D printed project presenting in Milan as part of Design Week, please let us know in the comment section. We will keep posting on interesting events during Milan Design Week.

The Make it LEO team will be in Milan, meeting designers and creative industries using 3D printing. If you would like to meet, a short email will do the trick: 


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