Tessa Weekly Picks – 3D Printing and Fabrics: a Fashionable Match


Tessa Blokland  

Tessa's Weekly Picks - Fabrics and 3D Printing a Fashionable Match - Chanel AW 2015

When I was a student you would find me bent over a piece of fabric trying to find out how it was made: is it knitted, woven, non-woven? I wanted to know! Looking at Fashion, I am not that interested in the total look, but much more in the construction behind a piece. What kind of fabrics are used? What makes it possible to get a specific look, the colors, the touch, the movement of the clothes? So the catwalk is just the starting point, but it is the close-ups that I am really looking forward to and preferably the real deal, touching the pieces. Looking back at the close-ups of Karl Lagerfeld’s AW15 collection, it is fascinating to see how 3D printing is intertwined with ‘normal’ yarns and how a high fashion brand such as Chanel adopts new technologies. Again another example of how 3D printed is happening now.

In the first two images from Chanel Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 2015 collection, you can see variations using 3D printed mesh combined with ornaments, creating a layered effect.

Looking closely at the details – little grids made by SLS 3D printing, embroidered with woven fabrics, meticulously stitched with beads and sequins (also up top).

The tweed-like jacket is a reinterpretation of the iconic Chanel piece, here  3D printing is used to create seamless constructions, the 3D printed mesh is molded to create a quilted pattern.

Tessa's Weekly Picks - Fabrics and 3D Printing a Fashionable Match - Make it LEO

Each of Tessa’s weekly picks is a curated group of 3D printed designs, based on the week’s chosen theme. If you would like to offer a theme for Tessa, or if you have your own 3D printed weekly picks you would like to see featured, please let us know by commenting below. Subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest weekly picks every week in your mailbox.

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