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Tessa Blokland  

Echinoidea Bowl_detail

In 2020, industrial designer Zeyu Rong and Weibo Sun founded studio 91-92 (ninetyoneninetytwo), referring to their years of birth. The studio is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and focuses on designing, developing, and producing everyday objects and furniture made from recycled plastic. In fact, the studio has made a commitment to work only with recycled materials! All the products in this pick are made from recycled plastic without support material so that their products will have a minimum of production waste. Studio 91-92 believes ‘that 3D printing technology is positioned to become more involved in our sustainable daily lives by localizing production, minimizing material waste, and reducing energy consumption.’

The 3D printed Plastic Surgery Vase is made from recycled PETG, chosen for its high durability and impact resistance. This object is 3D printed in a naturally transparent material, but the collection also includes variations in size and color. It took 3.5 hours to manufacture the vase and the production waste was less than 1 gram.

The shape of these 3D printed objects might look familiar to you. Inspiration for this 3D printed vase comes from the vessels of the Roman imperial period, hence the name of the vase, 1st Century A.D. 02. Also, these vases are 3D printed in a transparent recycled PETG. It took 1.5 hours to 3D print the vase and also here the production waste was less than 1 gram.

Inspiration for the blue 3D printed Morning Dip Side Table comes from the waves of the ocean, morning and night. The design of the structure of the side table is designed to play with the incoming light to mimic the surface of the water. The side table is 3D printed in 10.5 hours, and made from recycled PET. The Morning Dip Side Table is part of the Dezeen x Mindcraft Project 2021 collaboration.

Another object from the Dezeen x Mindcraft project 2021 is the 3D printed Echinoidea Bowl. The structure of this bowl is created by a new 3D printing technique that gives it a tangled, wiry 3D printed texture (see top image).

Zeyu Rong, one of the two co-founders of design studio Ninetyoneninetytwo, with a collection of their 3D printed vases.

LEO Lane_Designer Pick_91-92 and 3D Printing

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