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Sometimes you come across something that blows your mind. Well, the 3D printed work of French men William Boujon and Julien Benayoun, founders of Paris based design studio Bold, did that to me. They have a great sense of how to design products with the right filaments, structure, texture, and color. You should definitely visit their Instagram account; you will find even more 3D printed examples from their hands.

This 3D printed vase is one of the first series of printed ceramic objects at 8FabLab in Drôme. The use of 2 contrasting sandstones, and organizing its variations before the printing phase, gives a visual play of light and shadow to the object.

The 3D printed Tuile collection, made in PLA pottery clay, terracotta, and granite, is an ongoing exploration and experimentation with errors and its conceptual qualities in order to generate shapes and patterns, that are impossible to achieve with other techniques. These results question the limits and possibilities of wire deposition printing.

Ribbon is a 3D printed lampshade, designed by Bold, made from Reflow filaments from recycled PET bottles, and 3D printed by London based Batch.works. The LED bulb inside is from Plumen. I think it is a very nice 3D printed example of a design for a special lightbulb.

The last 3D printed collection called Douze (Twelve, also top image) is a collaboration between Bold, UAU Projects, and Batch.works. Douze refers to the number of facets that make up the objects and to the number of hours in a day, referring to the versatility of these objects throughout the day. The objects can be 3D printed on-demand in recycled PET or PLA made from sugar cane, and are available in six opaque colors and a transparent version. Perfect Christmas presents I would say!

Julien Benayoun (left) and William Boujon of design studio Bold at the Mignon Café, Paris.

LEO Lane_Designer Pick_Bold and 3D Printing

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