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In October, the BBC revealed its list of 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world for 2019. Israeli fashion designer Danit Peleg is one of these women. In 2015, Peleg’s 3D printed graduate project was one of the world’s first collection to be entirely 3D printed using a home desktop 3D printer. Since then she has been lecturing about 3D printing, developing her 3D printed fashion collection, extending her collection with an online shop where you can customize your clothing, and an online course to learn how to make 3D printed fashion yourself.

In 2015, Peleg was commissioned to design and create a 3D printed dress for multi-talent Amy Purdy, who danced at the Paralympics Opening Ceremony in Rio 2016. Without meeting Purdy in advance for a first fitting, Peleg adjusted the dress to Purdy just a month before the ceremony. Peleg used an app called Nettelo to get the performer’s exact measurements and printed a highly personalized dress.

This 3D printed jacket is part of Peleg’s graduation collection for the Fashion Design degree at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. She printed the whole collection (5 looks) using Witbox home 3D printers. This red jacket was 3D printed in FilaFlex filaments and took about 400 hours to print.

After the 3D printed dress for Amy Purdy, Peleg continued with the idea of customization for fashion. Her 2017 collection has 5 looks that are also printed using FilaFlex filaments. The 3D printed ready-to-wear bomber jacket, is the first fully customizable and personalizable 3D printed garment available to purchase online.

This 3D printed white outfit is also part of Peleg’s graduation collection. Also, this dress is just one example of how Peleg sees the future of fashion retail. As the technology will improve, she envisions a world where anyone will be able to buy (personalized and secured) files and print clothes at home or at designated stores.

Danit Peleg, wearing a black 3D printed bomber jacket.

LEO Lane_Designer Pick_Danit Peleg

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