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Let me start this month with DUS Architects, founded in 2004 by Martine de Wit, Hans Vermeulen, and Hedwig Heinsman (bottom image). I have known them for a while but what I did not know is that they are also the team behind Aectual, founded in 2016. DUS Architects focuses on architecture, urban development, and smaller product concepts, with their brainchild Aectual the three co-founders can actually create and produce tangible and 3D printed architectural products and offer 3D printing services customized to their clients’ needs and wishes.

The first 3D printing project shown here was made for Japanese retail brand LOFT. Architect Jo Nagasaka of Schemata asked DUS Architects to come up with new 3D printed furniture. Inspired by Japanese folding and drawing techniques, the design team developed 6 new objects that would highlight a product category. The design for the reading table, for example, is a combination of a 3D printed structure with epoxy resin, shaping a rippling 3D printed landscape (see top image) that occasionally emerges from the translucent surface.

For the 6-month EU presidency event of the Netherlands, DUS Architects developed a 3D printed façade design, inspired by historical sailing ships that used to be built in the historical Marine terrain location where the temporary space was located. The blue-colored 3D printed benches were made with a bio-plastic and have a concrete finish. The printed elements are designed in a way they can be easily removed, shredded, and reprinted after the event is over.

According to DUS’s website, ‘the Summer House is the first step in using our 3D print technology in developing sustainable, customizable and on-demand housing solutions for the fast growing cities around the globe.’ The 3D Print Urban Cabin is also a showcase intended to demonstrate how additive manufacturing can offer solutions for temporary housing or disaster relief.

The first 3D printing project where DUS Architects got international attention with was their proposal for a 3D printed canal house. In an interview on the Heinsman website, they said that the goal of the demonstration project was to discover and share the potential uses of 3D printing in construction by creating new materials, trying out designs, and testing building techniques to see what works. The final 700m2 Canal House would comprise of workshop areas, XL 3D print facilities, a cafe, and exhibition area, and was expected to be completed in 2018. However I am not sure if they ever managed to finish it properly, which is a pity. It would be very interesting to find out if their starting point would really answer societal needs.

The last 3D printing project from DUS Architects is a 3D printed glass bottle of Chanel no.5. DUS Architects was invited by Chanel to do a retake on their famous no. 5 bottle. The idea behind their redesign is that each buyer could personalize and order their own uniquely 3D printed Chanel bottle.

LEO Lane_Designer Pick_DUS Architects and 3D Printing

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