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A new month has arrived with a designer pick on Ganit Goldstein. Goldstein graduated with honor from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, to continue for an MA at the Royal College of Art in London. I share her fascination for textiles and their different techniques, especially weaving. In the examples, in this blog post, you can see her interest is in the intersection between craft and technology. I love her pioneering work of 3D printing, and incorporating 3D scanning to produce 3D textiles, as well as the use of color, texture, and structure in the pieces she has designed.

The first 3 outfits are part of the ‘Between the Layers’ collection. As Goldstein explains on her website, ‘this project examines the connection between technology and tradition through a combination of two creative worlds: handicrafts – Traditional weaving, and computer engineering – 3D design and printing.’ All outfits are inspired by a traditional weaving technique called ikat, where unique patterns are created following the dyeing of the threads prior to the weaving process. As a student, Goldstein followed an exchange program at the Tokyo University of the Arts and became fascinated by this technique. However, by adding 3D printing technology to this labor-intensive technique, Goldstein creates in my opinion an interesting balance between human craft and digital fabrication: Ayala, Tzaga, and Anya (also see top image).

The blue dress you see in this image is a fully recycle 3D printed outfit, called Re-Textile 3D. Goldstein used a 360-degree body scanner and 3D printed the pattern directly onto recycled SEAQUAL fabric made from ocean waste twisted yarn, using 100% re-used recycled filament.

The last project, in collaboration with Stratasys Art and technological partners Haratech, Profactor, and consultancy partner the University of Art and Design Linz, is part of Re-FREAM Horizon 2020. In this project, the 3D ‘Wearable’ Kimono collection, Goldstein combined her fascination with ikat weaving, embroidery, and 3D printing into one outfit. The result is a layered dress with traditional and contemporary techniques.

Ganit Goldstein.

LEO Lane_Designer Pick_Ganit Goldstein and 3D Printing

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