Tessa’s Designer Pick – Unnecessary Inventions and 3D Printing


Tessa Blokland  


You know, I love April’s fool. I love thinking of making up pranks and jokes for my two boys. And of course to keep a close eye that I won’t be pranked in return (and with success). When I made the blog post on 3D printed smartphone inventions, I knew Matt Benedetto, the founder of (these) Unnecessary Inventions, would be the perfect candidate for this month’s designer pick. Not that I consider Benedetto a fool, but the stories behind his inventions do make me laugh and I like the way he uses his creativity to make his ideas real.

Like for example, this 3D printed MegaPod, the perfect gadget for everyone who is often looking for his or her left AirPod. So why not make it 100 times larger? In this video, you can see how Benedetto created this unnecessary invention (also top image).

I like this 3D printed Anytime Selfie System. This unnecessary invention helps you making the best selfies in any situation. Let’s start printing and find out for me!

The time Benedetto spent waiting for his broken leg to heal was boring. These partly 3D printed Pogo Stick Crutches could have helped him giving some fun time. As the marketing tag line on his website mentions: ‘The crutches have integrated high-powered springs to put a little pep in your broken step. You’ll bounce back in no time.’ Check out the video to see the making process.

This 3D printed invention is absolutely unnecessary! The 3D printed Standing Mouse comes with the 3D printed Standing Keyboard. Sometimes you just wanted to take a different working position. Benedetto designed the Standing Mouse – with extended buttons and gears – so you can easily slide it onto your existing mouse (see the video). The idea is that you can work standing up and work comfortably.

Inventor Matt Benedetto is the brainchild behind Unnecessary Inventions. He uses diverse making methods, such as 3D printing, sewing, and mold making, to create each unnecessary invention from idea to physical product. With his inventions, he pokes fun at the real products people will actually purchase online.

LEO Lane_Designer Pick_Unnecessary Inventions and 3D Printing

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