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Tessa Blokland  


Before going back to work I try to make an inventory of the stuff I normally use for work. In this way, I also know what I am missing and what I still need to buy or make. One of the thing that I still miss is a nice looking business cardholder. I keep my business cards in my wallet or in a special folder in my paper notebook (yes, I am still using paper to make notes!). Time to explore 3D printed (business) cardholders.

I like this one a lot. It is a 3D printed metal business cardholder. The honeycomb grid gives it firmness but it also gives a playful character to the design. I think this design is from ExOne (the name is mentioned on the cardholder) and might be a give-away to their customers.

Helder Santos designed this 3D printed business cardholder. It is a smart design with a sliding opening system, with the possibility to add your name on the top.

What I like about these 3D printed business cardholders is the subtle texture on the casing part and the smart way of taking the business cards out of the holder. Tomáš Kubata and Martin Žampach of be3D Creative Team created this object. The cards inside the case are positioned on a clever inner-spring, which makes it very easy to slide a business card out of the case with your thumb using the open hole on top of the case.

The remarkable feature of this cardholder is that the hinge and case are 3D printed as one. Thanks to 3D printing it is also possible to add a very detailed lace-like pattern on the cover. Elleke van Gorsel of e-Posh is the designer of this cardholder.

The last 3D printed cardholder, from Freshfiber, is actually a smartphone case with the possibility to hold cards. Very handy when visiting, for example, a fair where you do not want to drag all your stuff with you all day. Just your phone and some room for a credit card will just do, right?

LEO Lane_Weekly Pick_3DPrintedCardHolders

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