Tessa’s Weekly Picks – 3D Printed Earthenware


Tessa Blokland  

Detail of a sculpted 3D printed child's head by Vormvrij

I would like to close this series of Weekly Picks with the last element: earth, or ceramics when it comes to 3D printing. The 4 examples of design studios I have found experimenting with 3D printed ceramics have their own way of working and unique aesthetic in their designs. By the way, the designers are all alumni from Design Academy Eindhoven.

Alterfact – Lucile Sciallano and Ben Landau are based in Australia. What I like about the way they use 3D printing is that the so-called mistakes are an inevitable element in the decor of the design: form follows 3D printing. Until the end of July 2018, their work was on display at the NGV AUSTRALIA in a solo exhibition ‘Ornament is Fine‘.

Another DAE-duo is Vormvrij, Yao and Marieke. Vormvrij has developed its own 3D printer, Lutum printer, being able to 3D print clay. One of the examples that can be made with the 3D printer is a scanned person’s head, sculpted or not, like the example below.

In a Weekly Picks on ceramics, Unfold can of course not be excluded. In the Designer Pick blog post last month, you can see some examples of the duos’ work, Claire Warnier and Dries Verbruggen. The photo in this Weekly Picks below is one example of blown glass and 3D printed ceramics. I love the work of Unfold, for their experimenting and their research on 3D printing with different materials.

The last of the DAE alumni is Olivier van Herpt. His latest project is again amazing, 3D printed porcelain Blue and White. Cobalt pigment is applied by hand on the clay body before being inserted in the extruder of the 3D printer. Each different application results in another color decor in the 3D printed objects. Van Herpt also created his own 3D printer to be able to print the vases in such height.

LEO Lane_Weekly Pick_3D Printed Earthenware

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