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Tessa Blokland  

3D4U_Miele_Coffee Clip

After working at home for almost nine months, I think it is time to spend the winter holidays with my list of Things-to-do-and-fix-in-the-house. Until now, I have managed to push them forward, but now I can not ignore my annoyance with the things that are not hanging straight, or keep falling open, or are cluttered in the fridge or drawer. Time for some actions, with the help of some super handy household items!

The first handy household item is an absolute must-have! The German manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances and commercial equipment, Miele, create this add-on cleaning aid for its German consumers. It is a 3D printed borehole cleaning aid to put on your vacuum cleaner’s handle tube to vacuum the dust while drilling a hole. The device sticks to the wall, leaving both hands free to operate the drill.

Another handy household item is this 3D printed coffee clip (also top image, and of course it also works with other dry food bags) also from Miele. The 3D printed clip is available in two versions for small bags with approx. 250g content and for large bags with approx. 1000g content.

With these 3D printed measuring household tools, designed by Charlie, I will always add the right amount of each ingredient in a recipe and don’t have to think about the right spoon anymore.

I love this 3D printed container, designed by Cults user Ceregafor the small groceries in the fridge. I do not know why but the small stuff always ends up at the bottom and in the back of my refrigerator drawer. This 3D printed container will save me from searching and the small stuff will never be smashed by the heavier items.

The last 3D printed household item is my favorite. Over the months, my drawers would fill up with dust, crumbs, you name it. Thanks to this 3D printed vacuum cleaner add-on by Miele, I do not have to take out all of the items from the drawer. I can immediately vacuum all the dust and tiny crumbs without having to fear that the small miscellaneous items are sucked into the vacuum cleaner as well. The little holes in the add-on are just small enough to suck up the dust and leave everything too big for the holes in the drawer.

I hope these household items will also help you declutter your house. Let me know if you have other smart household items that I can use as well.

LEO Lane_Weekly Pick_3D Printed Household Items

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