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Tessa Blokland  


As you can read in the top image in 3D printed glaze letters,  April 27 is the birthday of Dutch King Willem Alexander. Traditionally, the Netherlands would turn orange with festivities for the young and old throughout the whole country. Due to Corona, also this year all outdoor festivities are canceled, and we will have to celebrate the King’s birthday behind a screen and at home. Let’s make the best of it, and here are some 3D printed – of course in orange –  designs that help you get in the mood!

These 3D printed rings with crowns, designed by  SUUZ, will give your hands a royal touch.

This tiny 3D printed crown, designed by the team of Ultimaker, will help you decorate your house in an orange style.

The team of colorFabb created this 3D printable crown in what they call Dutch Orange.

Fablab013, a maker space in Tilburg, created this SLS 3D printed ring in orange dye with the initials of Willem Alexander.

And the last 3D printed crown I would like to share is a design from Bert De Niel, a product designer and product development specialist at Materialise. For the inauguration of the Dutch King in 2013, the company created a marketing campaign where De Niel designed this 3D printed crown.

LEO Lane_Weekly Pick_3D Printed King's Day

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