Tessa’s Weekly Picks – 3D Printed Metal Cufflinks


Tessa Blokland  

3D printed Diagrid cufflinks, design by architect Michael Schur

As extravagant women can dress for a special event with dresses like the 3D printed dresses made for the Met Gala 2019, subtle men can use accessories to finish their appearance or make a statement. For example, cufflinks, and in this case 3D printed cufflinks of course.

Architect Michael Schur was quite disappointed with the selection of modern men’s accessories, so he decided to design his own. I love his Diagrid collection (see top image) and I also love the customized 3D printed cufflinks he designed for couples: each cuff plays with the shape of the silhouette and the profile of the couple.

Jan Schumacher designed 3D printed cufflinks with print lines. What I like about this design is the graphic appearance and the fact that with time the bronze steel will become shinier.

Space Jewels are German designers and architects with a weak spot for well-designed jewelry and 3D printing. All the jewelry they sell are 3D printed, also the Infinity Walker, as the cufflinks in the image are called. I have no idea where the name comes from. I like the 3D printed cufflinks because they remind me of paper folded planes.

Or if you are totally into hashtags, these 3D printed stainless steel cufflinks, designed by Janelle Dehanne Wilson, will complete your outfit. I think this is a really spot-on present for a person who is addicted to hashtags, Twitter, or any other social media platform.

The last example of 3D printed cufflinks is a design from Finnish design engineer Antti Nikkola. The design for the cufflink was inspired by the movie Watchmen. The shape of the cufflinks resembles the mark the character Dr. Manhattan wears on his forehead, an atomic structure of hydrogen. But you can also wear the cufflinks without being a fan of superhero films, of course.

LEO Lane_Weekly Pick_3D Printed Cufflinks

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