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Tessa Blokland  


One of the nicest things about a lockdown and homeschooling is spending more time with my boys, especially with my 10-year old. He sits next to me while writing this blog post. Every day, I watch closely what he is doing, the films he watches on Youtube and TikTok. And, you know what? Surprisingly he inspired me with the topic of this blog post. My son is a huge fan of product designer Matt Benedetto. Benedetto invents products that solve problems that don’t really exist and no one is really asking for. Here are some amazing and fun examples of the 3D printed products he invented for smartphones. Keep a close eye on the Designer Picks (every first blog post of a month), he definitely will be a suitable candidate!

The Swipe-n-like is a 3D printed robot that helps you with swiping and liking your endless Instagram feed on your smartphone. The algorithm automatically ‘likes’ your favorite photos. Here is a video to see how it works.

With a desire to be in the Guinness World Records book, Benedetto invented and 3D printed this Microluggage Max, the world’s smallest roller luggage system for your smartphone. Believe it or not, but the product includes all the parts you would find on a regular-sized roller luggage system, from telescoping handle, locking system, ultra-fast wheels, and a gorgeous interior print. In this video, he explains how he created the 3D printed design.

The Shopper Stopper is a 3D printed smartphone slider that ensures you will never tap the Shop or Reels tab on Instagram (also top image). In this video, he explains why and how he created this object.

The next 3D printed invention for a smartphone Benedetto designed is the ThighPhone Holder.  Not a very safe invention, but it is now very easy to nestle your smartphone on your thigh at the perfect viewing angle in the driver seat. Here is the video in which he presents the design.

The last unnecessary invention for a smartphone is the 3D printed iWipe Pro Max. You can strap this invention on your smartphone and the iWipe Pro Max ensures your lenses are always clean. Here is the video to see how he created the design.

LEO Lane_Weekly Pick_3DPrintedSmartphone Inventions

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