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Tessa Blokland  


Every tap looks pretty much the same – a hollow tube with a circular intersection. But thanks to 3D printing the familiar shape of the tap can be extended and reimagined. Here are a few 3D printed examples that caught my eye.

The Grid faucet from Kallista. Thanks to 3D printing, it is possible to design and manufacture this tap with simple and geometric shapes. If you are totally into Bauhaus or De Stijl, this is your match.

This year German bathroom and kitchen manufacturer Grohe launched two 3D printed taps, the Atrio Icon 3D and Allure Brilliant Icon 3D tap (top image). 3D printing for the manufacturer not only provides more freedom in design (specifically, I like the elegant and subtle shaping of the tubing), it also gives the brand the possibility to design fittings better suited to their customers’ varying tastes and needs.

What I like about the 3D printed DXV Vibrato is the layered spout. Instead of opening the tap and water pours out, you actually see the water running over the material as if you are looking at a small stream. You experience the water and the distortion of the metal because of the water flowing over it.

The last 3D printed tap that caught my attention is from Amsterdam based French designer Alice Spieser, the Fountain. The concept is as clear as water – combine the function of a standard tap with a drinking fountain. Thanks to 3D printing it is possible to create any shape you can think of, so why not a dual-nozzled faucet? The 3D printed Fountain works as a regular tap and when you wish to drink from it, you just close the bottom spout and the water pops out of the top spout like a fountain. Voila!

LEO Lane_Weekly Pick_3D Printed Taps

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