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Tessa Blokland  


Summer is almost over. Back to school! I liked – and still do – school. Looking back, mainly due to all the nice gadgets I thought you needed during a school year: pencils in all colors and glitters, pencil holders, paper clips in all colors and sizes, folders, stickers, agendas. You name it! In fact, I still love writing with different pens in all colors and glitters! Anyway, with Covid-19 still on our neck, it remains to be seen for how long my boys and I can go back to school. It is well possible that in autumn we are back in lockdown 2 and have to restart our remote homeschooling/office back again. But we are prepared for physical and remote learning/working with new 3D printed gadgets!

I like this 3D printed pencil case, which closes with a pencil (you can see the top of the pencil). Steve Wood is the designer and maker of this smart item. In this video, you can see how it works smoothly.

And yes, 3D printed paper clips, designed by Tosh Sayama! I love them. Very handy small items (easy to fit them in the 3D printed pencil case) to mark the page in a book or agenda. These paper clips are just one of the many whimsical 3D printed objects he created.

For a laptop, these 3D printed supports, designed by Corentin Paquet, come in handy (see detail in top image). For all teenagers who homeschool from their beds, as my oldest son did during the first lockdown, these stands make sure your laptop does not overheat because of the lack of room under the laptop (the warmth can’t circulate). Very easy to use with an opening for the power source.

For my youngest son, one of these bright-colored 3D printed headphones from Print+ would be nice. Regardless of a second lockdown, he can use them anyway for watching TikTok or YouTube films.

To remain untangled from all the wires in our possible home/school office, I would like to suggest this 3D printed dock connector, the Wrap, from Michiel Cornelissen. I hope you can order them in different colors so that I do not have to argue with my boys on which is who’s.

LEO Lane_Weekly Pick_3D Printing Back to School

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