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Tessa Blokland  

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Although it will take one more week before Easter, I would like to share in this blog post some tasty 3D printed designs for Easter. And the nice thing is you can buy and enjoy these 3D printed products.

These colorful Complements chocolates come from a 3D printed mold and started as a Christmas gift for clients of the Australian design agency Universal Favourite. Nevertheless, I think the cascading chocolates could also serve as nice Easter sweets, don’t you think? You can buy them online here.

Or if you are planning an Easter egg search with your family, finding this golden 3D printed egg, designed by Czech Republic designer Antonín Nosek, would be the catch of the day. You can order the egg already being 3D printed or as a .stl file so that you can 3D print the egg in any other you like.

Based between Melbourne (Australia) and Hong Kong, artist/designer/chef Ryan L. Foote combined traditional chocolatier techniques with 3D printing technologies, bringing together the best of Australian gastronomy with Hong Kong’s global identity, taste for luxury, and love of food. I love the 3D printed shapes of the chocolates he designed. You can make your chocolate experience complete by purchasing a fitting porcelain platter.

Somewhat closer to the Netherlands is Belgium company La Miam Factory. The company uses melted chocolate to make custom-designed 3D printed objects, which are ready to eat as soon as it comes off the print bed. Here are a few 3D printed examples they have made for the Easter festivities.

The last example is also from a Belgium chocolatier Barry Callebaut. About a year ago the company launched a new brand, Mona Lisa 3D studio, to make personalized 3D printed chocolate at scale, made from Belgian chocolate (also top image). For the launch event, the Mona Lisa 3D studio team collaborated with talented pastry chef Jordi Roca to show the creative potential of 3D printing chocolate. Take a look at the video of ‘Flor de Cacao’ to see how amazing the result was.

LEO Lane_Weekly Pick_3D Printing Easter

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