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Irony, humor, parody, pastiche, artifice, theatricality, and exaggeration. These elements are all coming back in the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan museum‘s exhibition ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’ (on show until September 8, 2019), which started with the famous Met Gala. Thanks to 3D printing, fashion designer Zac Posen was able to make his dream dresses for the event. The gowns and accessories below are all designed by Posen in collaboration with GE Additive and ProtoLabs.

Actress and model Julia Garner wore a 3D printed headpiece. The piece was inspired by nature and includes vine leaves and berries. The unique accessory was 3D printed in nylon and plated in brass.

The custom dress, worn by actress Katie Holmes, was accented with a 3D printed palm leaf collar. Although the collar is just a minor part of the total dress, it took over 56 hours to print and finish the piece.

It took more than 160 hours to create and to hand-stitch the 408 3D printed embellishments on the pink gown of Indian actress Deepika Padukone. Each element is 3D printed, metal plated and painted in the right color.

Posen created a 3D printed bustier for actress Nina Dobrev. Dobrev’s body was 3D scanned and 3D printed in transparent plastic. Although it took very little time to 3D scan Dobrev’s body, in the end, it took over 200 hours to create the total bustier.

The last 3D printed dress for the Met Gala by Posen was worn by British model Jourdan Dunn. The bright pink reddish gown featured 21 unique overlapping petals, each around 50 centimeters in size and weighing 450 grams. It took around 1,100 hours to 3D print and to finish (each petal is sprayed with a color-shifting paint used for cars) the entire dress.

LEO Lane_Weekly Pick_Gowned in 3D Printing

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